WanderChefs is the first social network in the gastronomic world that connects those who love to cook with those who love to eat typical homemade dishes, with the flavor of the past.

Are you passionate about cookingskilled with ladles and knives, imaginative in preparing delicacies for yourself or for the family? Why not do it for your neighbours? Go to "I Cook" and post your ad.

Don't feel like cooking and think your neighbour is a great Chef? Why do not order from him/her? You can save money and time but at the same time, you can eat healthy. You will discover something new and unique, an extraordinary meal of incredible provenance.

Furthermore, the social network allows you to exchange recipes with the gastronomic community. Add your recipe here or take a look on this webpage  to find all user recipes.

So ... get involved, use your imagination and your commitment, your creativity, have fun and in the same way you can transform your passion into a self-employed job.


Not everyone can become a great cook .... But a great cook can hide in each of us